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We are a space for artists!
Art, culture and fusion inspire quality of life and allow liberty of action. Through cultural exchange we bring together diverse people with common interests. In a world of plurality, inner complexity, and ongoing development, we believe that music and art play an important role. We set a course and provide space to encounter.

value of music

Music is to be examined here as an art form in which diversity is understood as wealth. Art as a community-building element of our present. The transcultural art and cultural scene is more diverse than ever. In many ways, the rapid access to an overwhelming variety of styles and sounds and the ability to collaboratively connect with people and music scenes across the globe provide incredible benefits and opportunities for musicians and producers.

global society

In a present that is economically and culturally shaped by globalization, local and national issues are always interwoven with international developments. This raises the question of what constitutes our society, what holds it together and what its identity is. This process of self-understanding, of global dialogue within society, can be driven forward by global music. Through music, people can be brought into conversation with each other, even though they are divided and different from each other in terms of lifestyle, culture, politics, space, biography or society, but are connected by common questions and challenges.




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"music changes and we change with the music"

E. Taylor